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Artifact Deckbuilder guide Deckbuilder use guide.


For every Valve Artifact match you will need a deck of cards. Here you could try to create it.

  • Add heroes, spells, creeps, improvements and items to your deck
  • Pay attention to your color and rarity distribution.
  • Remember about restrictions when build your deck.
  • Save and share created deck by link.

Deck building

You need exactly 5 heroes. Each hero card should be taken just 1 time and every hero has a special signature card. That could be spell, creep or improvement card and this one should be taken 3 times to your deck. Signature card could be interacted just via associated hero.
Also you could add any other spell, creep and improvement category card to your deck from 1 to 3 times. Edit card count by plus/minus icons. Item cards also could be added the same way.
To add card select it from the left side, it will appear at left side and specify count. Hero has no count, associated card has always count 3 and other cards could be edited between 1 and 3.
Above the selected cards you could see info block with different counters. Colors, rarity and cards types summarized from selected cards including count.

Important notes

  • Your deck must have at least 40 cards. 15 from hero associated cards and excluding items. So you need 25 spells + creeps + improvements (up to 3 same cards))
  • During the game, you will get random cards from your deck, so estimate probability of any card appearing.
  • Your deck has no max limit.
  • Also you should prepare at least 9 items.
  • To play a spell you need the same color hero at this line. So be careful at building deck from many colors - you will be very limited in actions.
  • Don't pick just expensive powerful cards - you will be very weak at game start.
  • Be ready for difficulties if you are going to build deck from just rare cards.

Deck management

  • Use "clear deck" button or refresh page if you are confused with selected cards.
  • Share your deck with others using "save deck" option. You could open link later and continue.