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Artifact ingame keywords

Any line – allows to affect current card to selected line instead of current.

Condemn – removed allied or enemy unit, hero or item from the table. Ignore their armor, health and abilities. Get reward gold for condemned units in the usual way.

Cleave – allows to affect attack or spell to the target neighboring units too (to the left and right of the target).

Damage immunity – allows to ignore direct damage from attacks and spells. Condemn could destroy unit with damage immunity.

Death shield – allows to stay with 1 health instead of dying. Save agains condemn.

Disarm – forbids a unit to attack.

Discard card – drop card from your hand (without using it).

Draw card – take additional card from your deck.

Initiative – determines the sequence of the turn.

Heal – restores a lost health. Completely healthy unit will not get any effect.

Modify – change combat characteristics of the target. Armor, attack, health or mana.

Pierce – allows to ignore an opponent armor.

Rapid deployment – allows hero to skip the wait at the fountain (1 turn instead of 2).

Regeneration – allows to heal in combat phase, take a precedence before the incoming attacks.

Retaliate – allows to return damage to an attacking unit (doesn't block damage to you).

Siege – if unit has a target, it will also deal damage to the tower or ancient.

Silence – prohibits unit from using abilities and spells.

Stun – silences and disarms the target.

Swap – exchanges unit with selected target.

Taunt – makes neighboring enemy units to attack the taunter.

That abilities could break a standard gameplay and should be known exactly. When building a game tactics, such opportunities should be considered.