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A Beginners Guide on How to play The Artifact

So you think Artifact will be a great game. But how do you even play it?

Stay tuned to take your first steps into becoming a master of Artifact.

Hi folks, I am Divok, and welcome to the Artificer's Guild, the home of all things artifact. We cover news, make speculations and make guides like this one. In this video we will cover the basics of how to play artifact from the three-part turn structure to battles the boards and more so let's not waste any more time and jump straight into the board in front of you and how to win artifact.

To win artifact you need to destroy either two towers or one tower and the ancient but where are they? Well if you take a look to your screens you will see the three lanes of artifact there is one tower in each and behind those lies the ancient if you are able to take over a board and destroy the tower on it you will then see the ancient behind that.

Towers have 40 health whereas the ancient has 80 so to win you need to be able to do 80 damage in two different lanes or 120 damage in one lane but it's not quite so simple as just appearing on a board and taking down a tower and the ancient that follows.

- Oh No there is an enemy defending it!

Who will equally be trying to take down two of your towers or your tower on your ancient. To do battle you use mana and the cards in your hand each lane has its own mana pool and a board for you to play cards on but there is a lot of interaction between them so keep an eye out for that. 

So that covers what artifact is but this is how to play artifact guide and in artifact each full turn is split into three parts deployment action and shopping, when I go through each section of the turn describing explaining what you should be expecting if any of your heroes have died recently the deployment phase is when you pull them back onto the field, that's right heroes never die, wait that's a different game...

Anyway the same is true for Artifact, if a hero dies they go to what is called the fountain and after waiting one full turn your next deployment phase will allow you to put that hero back into the field the deployment phase is also when the creeps spawn to melee creeps for each team will randomly spawn on to the wards during the deployment phase this adds a bit of permanent tempo to both teams which stops the game from getting into that sort of boring grinding state there's always something for you to do on the board. After your heroes in your Clips have made it onto the field it's time for action. 

The action phase is also split into two further sections and each of these sections happens on every single board starting from left to right on the first board you will start playing cards say it's your third turn you've got a lot of mana to work with now and you're holding frost bite and cunning plan, say the enemy goes first buffing up their phantom assassin so that it can take down anything on your side unfortunately for you your crystal maiden is lying directly in her path, however because each player only has to play one cards at a time until both players are happy to fight you have the option to play your counter cunning plan you swap your crystal maiden who is facing impeding doom up against this phantom assassin with a little melee creep that spawned during the deployment phase now the enemies buff phantom assassin is just striking a creep that you don't care for anyway and crystal maiden has got a wide-open shot at the tower. So both you and your opponent are happy that you've played your cards now your opponent doesn't see any other way to get around this little swap you just pulled off so they pass now you know your crystal maiden safe you also pass, once both players have passed the battle phase begins.

All units on the active board will have a designated target of battle this is either directly in front of them or diagonally across, this is something that's shown during the deployment phase or after you play a card all units in the battle phase will attack at the same time some hitting towers others hitting at the units once all of the units have crashed together in a devastating battle and the dust have settled you move on to the next board don't worry there's a lot more to battling but we're going to go into that in another guide so once you've moved on to the next board you repeat this action phase each player takes it in turns playing cards until you both pass and then there's a battle once there are no boards left we move on to the final phase shopping. 

In artifact every kill rewards you with gold. You get one gold for a normal minion kill, or five gold for hero kills and this is spent at the shop each shop window will have three items for sale one potion from a random selection of potions one completely random item that can be absolutely literally anything and one item from your own item deck crafted before the game again this is something that has a lot of detail to it and we'll go into this in a later guide once both players have shopped and bought the items that they wish to use the term begins anew with the deployment phase. See, while artifact might have seemed like a crazy-multi-faceted-mega-card-game this is now a lot simpler this really is just a game to get into the motions of the finesse is in the details and we can't wait to dive into some of those with you so there you have it a basic guide to how to play artifact, we hope you liked it!