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Details about Gauntlet mode in Artifact revealed!

RobAJF, streamer and artifact tester revealed on Reddit few details about Gauntlet mode in Artifact, its pretty similar to arena in Hearthstone or draft in Magic the Gathering. 

Also we would like to remind you that StanCifka, who publish quite a few interesting recommendation about Artifact on Twitter recently posted that you should use a bigger deck, cause even though you usually play with  40 cards 15 of which are strong signature hero cards and the rest are weak cards, so it can be preferable to have  more cards in your deck compared to something like Magic the Gathering. 41cards deck won't be weaker than 40 one, but this is true only for Gauntlet\draft\arena modes.

Here are few details about Gauntlet mode:

- For draft you use premade packs(12 cards), the same one you use in normal game(pack has 12cards one of which is a hero);

- With each pick(turn) you can draft 2 cards, so that means it will take 6turns to pick 1 pack;

- After each pick your pack goes to global pool of packs, with the same amount of cards in each, those will be used in the same round of draft(from 1 to 5);

- After each round of draft you will be guaranteed to get 1 hero in each pack;

- If you, for some reason, didn't pick even 1 hero card for your pack, then on 6th step(last round of draft) you will get a pack from global pool which gonna have 1 hero for sure(though keep in mind, you may have few packs with the same hero this way).