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New Artifact Blue Card - Troll Soothsayer

Today we have an artifact card reveal for you guys, it is a blue card named a troll soothsayer. It is a six mana to attack, eight health, uncommon minion that says draw an extra card each round which is pretty self-explanatory, at the beginning of each round once the lanes reset you gain a mana and then once you draw your cards you draw an extra one.

So this card is pretty good it's a two weight body so it's pretty big so it kind of like one hit it like with most zeros and it's like kind of like high mana costs but if it sticks like you just draw extra card every turn so it's really good if you wanna like play multiple blue cards combo woof and like the future turns, yeah and I would say that blue is generally a color that tends to draw more cards so this fits in with the flavor of the color and on top of that you can put troll soothsayer in a lane that is uncontested. 

So say your opponent just gives up on a lane and just lets you take it down because they don't want to invest any more resources into that lane you can just put troll soothsayer in there and you're just drawing an extra card every single round and it almost never dies the only thing that's gonna be attacking it are two four creeps and yeah you're just gonna get to draw extra cards every round unless your opponent actually decides to put a hero into that lane to try to contest it. 

Yeah I say overall pretty good, I would rate this card a three out of five I think it is a very solid minion it's obviously not too flashy it's very vanilla like , but I think it is very good in certain situations, the only problem with this card is the mana cost for it, is six which is kind of slow but in our factory start free man so I guess like you can't play this and to like later rounds like the furtive 4 frown and maybe there's better options but overall I think the effect is pretty good it's like pretty straightforward.