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The influence of previous experience on Artifact success.

As we known, Artifact is a time-based game, so you need to be fast-oriented as in Dota. The time left from every round will be added to total time bank. And it could be spent to any turn in difficult ambiguous situation. So, the ability to instantly guess associated terms from Dota universe will be very useful.

For example, you call Axe in early game, Bristleback to resist attacks, Luna or Earthshaker to suddenly smash the enemy line or Lich to ban an opponent from easy last hits. The general tone of card's themes is very similar to Dota area. Heroes have their abilities as passive or active skills, their related or just other same color cards. And you still remember that it doesn't matter to Phantom Assasin to kill someone with one blow – a hero or a creep, don't you?

As for the Hearthstone, we will play the same game, complicated with additional lines, items, field improvements and gold farm. Understanding of the card working mechanics will be helpful in preparing dangerous combo or breaking enemy sequence. Also guys from dota will face a deckbuilder limits. Just 3 same cards in your deck, presence of the hero to use card in line, need to get expected thing in the right time and other aspects definitely put Hearthstone over the MOBA.

Also the MTG experience provides an overwhelming advantage in Artifact. The similarity of these games no one doubts, so surely many combinations and strategies will be copied if not fully transferred. Artifact is a collectible card game and if you are master of this genre, you kind of can.