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Annoying Viper is on the board!

Viper – green deck is continues to grow with untouchable heroes. Corrosive skin again allows Viper to avoid part of attacks. Average stats are compensated that opponents iteractive with Viper skills will not return their abilities.

Viper strike – very unpleasant status for an opponent's unit. You just need to wait a little to let him die.

Homefield advantage – that's an ideal protect agains powerful alone units. If there is any persistent target – you could block its attacks during the whole game.

Troll soothsayer – quite expensive creep that could provide your with additional cards during his life. It could pay of if you will save it at least couple of turns.

Demagicking Maul – excellent way to cancel enemy line fortifications. Given the variety and possibilities of improvements, this item will be popular despite low attack bonus. Remember that could be condemned.