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Huge pack of cards was revealed!

Ring of Tarrasque – do you remember this legendary vitality item from Dota? Its sequel is available now in the graceful ring, that provides extra healh and regeneration. Not the cheapest item, but enemy will have to work hard to crush ring carrier.

Revtel Signet ring – that's a cheap accessory allowing health and decrease bounty for this hero. If you hear about Revtel – then it's about money!

Ravenhook - It is not enough for you to simply destroy the items of the enemy? Then take them away and exchange on gold!

Arcane Assault – allows to build combo with initiative intercept and additional card draw.

Crippling blow – too expensive spell for the red deck. According to the image Pugna always dislike Disraptor pet)

Bellow – lets green deck to manipulate enemies, forcing them to fight against perfectly built defense.

Thunderstorm – we have seen additional Zeus-theme spell. Now it could get everyone unit on the line.

Raze – timbersaw debuff available in artifact. One more way to cancel enemy equipment.

Lost in time – punish an opponent, holding best cards in hand.