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Lion, Mana steal and Lighting strike

Lion - some unexpected role for Lion that we have seen in the Dota. He has an average stats for black hero – It seems like a reference to combat talants in Dota. Finger of Death was moved fairly accurately, now you could use it every 4 turns and literally destroy any opponent unit. 8 pierce damage – that’s what you need.


Mana Drain – that Lion’s ability was my favourite non-direct control skill in dota. Here it’s slightly weaker, but an original skill was boosted over many years. I hope we will see it’s improvement soon. Now it just decreases enemy tower mana by 2, add 2 mana to your tower and costs 2 mana. At first sight we just break enemy mana, maybe there will be any combo for +2 -2 mana for our tower (reward for spell using or cheap casts for example). So now it just could cancel enemy plans a little.

Mana Drain

Lightning strike – the most used skill from Dota is againts buildings now. It's not Zeus signature spell, but the same color. You could hurt tower by 6 damage just per 2 mana. Unlike the Damoclus Bolt, this spell could be spammed from the beginning and three copies gives the enemy a lot of inconvenience.

Lightning Strike